12 thoughts on “Independence Day in The Republic

  1. Never heard of a Newark and it sounds tasty but I looked up Averna and it says caramel is added at the end of the process, which might rule me out (often a gluten contaminant in ‘caramel,’ though real caramel shouldn’t have barley or wheat am derivatives).

    Otherwise maybe double my calvados!

  2. I’ll take one border crossing please! I wonder, if you get carded while ordering a border crossing, do you have to produce “enhanced” photo I.D. ? ;)

  3. I’ll have one of each. And a bottle aspirin.

    Sounds like it’s going to be all party, party, party this weekend.

    I wonder if there are any airfare specials…

  4. Those sound delish. And I especially love the menu. The English Afterhtought sounds like a drink called the Civil Union, at Kava in Portsmouth NH. Except they make it with whiskey.

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