Who is Stevil?


What about me… let’s see.  I’ve been a science nerd pretty much my whole life — as a boy, I thought I would be an astronomer.  As a college freshman in engineering, I decided to become a chemist.  As a chemistry graduate student, I thought I’d learn biochemistry and molecular biology.   As a protein chemist, I thought I’d become a structural biologist and after being a structural biologist for a while, I thought I’d learn endocrinology and become involved in drug discovery.  I wonder what I’ll decide to be next… maybe I’ll get a telescope and close the circle.

Maybe that just means I’ve really embraced the phrase “life-long learner”.  A few years ago, I learned to blog and spent the majority of that time on vox.  Now, that blog lives here.  A perusal of my tags will show the things I like:  books, movies, tv, tennis, the Philadelphia Eagles (more of a love-hate thing), the Phillies, science, science fiction, fantasy, travel, and some more recent passions — cocktails and piano.  I’m sure there will be more new interests in the future — there always seem to be!

The Beloved and I live at The Aerie in suburban San Diego with our pointer, Penny.