Face of the Franchise

The other evening, I sat down to watch the Eagles play the Redskins in DC on MNF. Now, the Eagles this season have been by-and-large better than the identity-less .500-ish team I thought they were going to be and at 6-3, they’ve been a pleasant surprise. So when they took the field I thought they…


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Didn’t I Say This Was Absurd About A Month Ago?

Yes, the Eagles neverending quarterback drama (see Donovan?  It wasn’t you…) continues to draaaaaaag on.    But I have to say, I did find this pretty amusing. I personally believe Reid should adopt the old schoolyard approved policy of “make-it-take-it”.  If one QB wins a game, he should get to start the next game.  If…

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Into The Unknown

Tonight begins the new NFL season.  That’s something I’m usually pretty excited for, but this year there’s something sort of missing.  Every year for the last decade at this time, I’d be looking at the Philadelphia Eagles and deciding whether Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, and Brian Dawkins could win the division, win the NFC, or…

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