Auf Wiedersehen

It’s said that all good things come to an end, and so it is with our field trial test of our BMW Active E, Buzz. It’s hard to believe that two years (25 months, if we’re being specific) have already zipped by. Doesn’t seem possible. When we signed up to participate in the Active E…


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100 Days of Buzz

People are almost always excited to get a new car, right? I certainly was when we got our new all-electric BMW ActiveE (christened Buzz) this past April. As I started driving around, I kept thinking of ideas for posts but decided that it would be better if I waited a little while to let the…

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Charged Up

When our fledgling company moved to different (larger, nicer) lab space last year, it changed my commute. I lost the freeway portion of the drive and have one that is 100% surface streets and stoplights. It takes less time, and the only downside seemed to be that I had less time for audiobook listening. Well,…

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