Last week I celebrated my own anniversary of solar orbits completed, and this week I am celebrating the seventh anniversary of this here blog. SEVEN YEARS. Seems sort of crazy, but there you are. The title refers to the total number of posts that I’ve made over that time. Again, sort of crazy. It has…


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As a scientist, I’ve done lots of experiments. Some of them go on for a long time. But today, it’s time to think back on an experiment that I started six years ago: this blog. I started during a time when a lot of people were getting on the blogging bandwagon. I joined the now-defunct…

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It seems a little impossible, but this is the fourth anniversary of starting this blog.  Wow.  That’s a quite a while.  The number refers to the total number of posts since its inception.  Again – wow. There’s been a lot of social media changes for me over the last year.  Facebook and Twitter have asserted…

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