Last Night of the Year Happy Hour(s): Blondes Prefer Gentlemen

The spirituous star of New Year’s Eve has traditionally been champagne. But this leads to a problem each year at The Aerie, because you see, The Beloved doesn’t like sparkling wines – generally too sweet and something about “the bubbles”. But it seems sort of wrong NOT to have champagne on New Year’s Eve, or…


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Late Summer Happy Hour: Bubble Up!

I feel badly for champagne.*  It’s fizzy. It’s tasty. It’s very refreshing on a summer’s day.  It does a wonderful job of picking up autumnal fruit flavors.  It is smashing with dessert. And the only time people seem to drink it is during the last hour of the year and the first hour of a…

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117-15-39 x 32-56-31

So, I received a belated birthday present the other weekend that was a set of longitude and latitude values, a bottle of champagne with two flutes and two canvas fold-up chairs (that come in their own little tube that makes them easy to carry).  We were supposed to carry out the instructions by the end…

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