A Little Muscle Stretching

It was a busy second half of March here at The Aerie. Well, actually it was a bit of a crunch time at work that precipitated a bit of neglect here and elsewhere online. The good news is that things are getting back to normal so I hope to be caught up with everything soon.…

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Central Coast Dog Days

Penny here. Most often, Friday nights are pretty easy around here. There’s usually a trip to the chaparral and then comes the drink-making (I never get one, but after they’ve had a couple, I can always count on more treats…) and the dinner-making and the whole weekend thing gets started. I like weekends. My people…

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Chaparral Time

One thing we’ve begun to notice over the past several months is that Penny isn’t quite as worn out by our morning walk to the top of Mt Miramar as she used to be, and that she is almost always ready to go-go-go when we get home from work in the afternoon. At 2 ½…

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