Still Enchanted

New Mexico’s State slogan is “The Land of Enchantment”, and The Beloved and I it’s a pretty special place. We have a history there that dates back to the very beginning of our relationship and so it holds a lot of sentimental value for us. We thought we’d go back often, but in our time…


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Heading Home: Chilis, Aliens and Cowboys

  Ristra So last weekend we were successful at bringing the Beloved and our trusty companion Eutaw back to San Diego from Santa Fe.  It was a great trip – we let ourselves do it over three days rather than trying to rush back.  Leaving Santa Fe was sort of bittersweet – it’s a great…

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City Different Afternoon

Went this past weekend to New Mexico for one of our last weekends that was primarily relaxation.  On Saturday, we spent the weekend running some errands, but those tasks had the benefit of being run in downtown Santa Fe — one of the last truly unique places in America. MFA_070203 One thing that most people…

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