Blogshorts, Day 3: Dog Days of Summers

Today is Day #3 of of Blogdramedy’s Summer Writing Challenge: Blogshorts. The theme this year is the Dog Days of Summer. 10 days, 10 dogs (nine of which were famous dog-characters chosen by Blogdramedy as inspiration), each story 110 words. Today’s dog is Lassie. Dog Days of Summers 3 The tiny reading lamp burning beneath the bedsheet, Carolyn…


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30 DoB, Day 30: Favorite Book

Well, here we are, the final question in the 30 Days of Books list. It is, of course: Day 30 – Your favorite book of all time However can you choose such a thing? Certainly along the course of this exercise I’ve hit upon a few that would be very strong contenders: The Illearth War by Stephen…

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30 DoB Day 12: Used to Love

You remember back when you were a teenager and the discovery of books and music was SO COOL and when you found a band or an author that you liked, you’d just devour anything from them and proclaim it, “THE GREATEST EVER!” For me, discovering Tolkien was like that.  As a nerd-ish teen, immersing myself…

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