Shine On

One of the books that I’ve enjoyed recently is Night Film by Marisha Pressl. In it, Scott McGrath, a down-on-his-luck reporter is drawn into a deepening spiral of intrigue as he investigates the apparent suicide of the famous film director Stanislas Cordova. You see, it was over-zealousness in a story digging into allegations about the…


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Trips To The Fair

In our increasingly polarized society I think there’s one thing that I hope we can all agree upon, and that is: Carnies are creepy. And put those carnies in a traveling circus, and guess what? Über-creepy. There’s something about the way that they just appear in town one day and are gone another. They are…

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30 DoB Day 11: Hated It

It’s a slow Saturday here at The Aerie and between loads of laundry and deciding what I’m going to have for happy hour, I thought I’d tackle the next installment in the 30 Days of Books list: Day 11: A book you hated Hate is a pretty strong word isn’t it?  There have been lots of books…

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