Shine On

One of the books that I’ve enjoyed recently is Night Film by Marisha Pressl. In it, Scott McGrath, a down-on-his-luck reporter is drawn into a deepening spiral of intrigue as he investigates the apparent suicide of the famous film director Stanislas Cordova. You see, it was over-zealousness in a story digging into allegations about the…


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Let’s talk about IT

I’m a Stephen King fan. Have been for most of my reading life. A good number of my friends are King fans, too – and we take great pleasure discussing which books are our favorites and which ones maybe missed the mark. Clearly at the top of the consensus list are The Stand, The Shining,…

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Book Review: 11/22/63 by Stephen King

At the end of 2011, I was surprised to see Stephen King’s latest book 11/22/63 on a number of “Best of the Year” lists. And not just best “Horror” or best “genre” type of lists – but honest-to-goodness “Best of the Year” for literary fiction lists. That sort of praise has been hard to come…

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