Friday Fun: #4 Rodents Fear Me

I’ve been writing a lot the past couple of weeks (for a proposal, not here, unfortunately), but I came across this bit about when you know you’ve been in the lab too long, and thought it was a lot of fun.  Some of them are DEFINITELY true — I particularly love #1, #8, #33 and #50,…


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Take Your Dog

Today is Take Your Dog To Work Day which you’d think would be a perfect time to bring Penny into the lab, but she’s busy doing hostess duties for her best friend Roxy who is staying with us for a couple weeks while her folks are on vacation. But not wanting to miss a chance…

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Bad Project

I know that I’ve posted a couple of these before, but I thought that this send-up was exceptional because of the lyrics (which everyone that has gone to grad school in the sciences can attest to), and (truly inspired by Lady Ga-Ga) the costumes which ingeniously used serological pipettes, bio-hazards bags and lab diapers. Well…

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