Happy Returns

Since we’ve been at The Aerie, the real turning point that marks the end of one year and the start of the next is the week following The Beloved’’s big Symposium, which is always right after New Years. It completes her busiest time of the work-year and so we always take a little break afterwards.…


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One of the conversational topics explored as we’ve traveled to different places over the past few years is the question: Could we retire here? It’s usually a pretty fun topic. What sort of house could we buy? What would the weather be like? Is there good medical care nearby? Is it too crowded, or too…

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Central Coast Dog Days

Penny here. Most often, Friday nights are pretty easy around here. There’s usually a trip to the chaparral and then comes the drink-making (I never get one, but after they’ve had a couple, I can always count on more treats…) and the dinner-making and the whole weekend thing gets started. I like weekends. My people…

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