Last Call

Before we left for France, I posted that I didn’t really like “checklist” vacations and I’m happy to report that even though we kept ourselves pretty busy, there was never a sense that we fell into the trap of going to see things because we were “supposed” to. You might recall though that I did…


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Vacation’s Dog Days

If there was anything that could be considered “the hard part” of two-plus weeks in France, it was that we couldn’t take Penny with us. Now, I don’t think that she would have liked Paris all that much (crowded streets, lots of traffic). But it was pretty easy to imagine a pointer running through the…

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Musee Melee

I think that one of the reasons people go to Paris is to see great art. Well, one of the reasons that we wanted to go to Paris was to see great art. One of the smartest purchases we made – actually the first one that we made at the airport was the six-day Museum…

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