Friday Fun — Music Visualizations

When you’re a scientist, visualizing data can be crucial to understanding and communication. Graphs are almost always better than data tables and a smartly-drawn diagram can often convey more than a long, detailed paragraph. I was thinking about this today because of a YouTube link a friend sent me that had a visualization of the…


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Nonfiction Notes

I don’t read a lot of nonfiction. Actually, that’s not true. I read a good deal of nonfiction in the form of science journals for my day job, so when I read for pleasure I prefer fiction because I’m usually looking for a bit of escapism. However, a couple of months ago, I read two…

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Things You Never Knew You Needed: String Blanket

So, the last time I’d had my piano tuned, Debbie Pianotuner* was cleaning the inside of the case and ran a cloth along the strings.  She looked at the cloth and said, “Hmmm…” Now, “Hmmm” is rarely good and so I came over and there were little streaks of rust where the cloth had been.…

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