VIPs at the WAP

Yesterday was one of my favorite days at The Aerie – it was the Beloved’s birthday!  As a treat to herself, she took the day off from work and we decided to spend part of the day using one of her Christmas presents that I had gotten for her – a VIP tour to the…

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Walking The WAP

Quiet weekend here at The Aerie – between having a guest visit last weekend and heading off to Las Vegas this coming weekend, we’ve been taking care of a lot of the domestic duties. The good news is that the heat-wave broke mid-week, so we’re back to very pleasant days and nice cool evenings.  And…

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The Shadow of Extinction

So this past weekend, we braved the heat and went to the Wild Animal Park outside of San Diego.  I like the WAP more than zoos in many ways – mostly because the animals aren’t in tiny cages, and are given a larger range to move around.  Also, the Park is highly committed to education,…

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