Help! Help! A Giant Squid!

One of the things that a pale, befreckled person looks forward to during a beach vacation is reading. Reading on the shady deck in the morning, reading on the couch at midday and reading under an umbrella while out on the sand. And the book that I was most looking forward to reading was one…


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Rum Tasting Afternoon

While arranging his visit over Memorial Day weekend, Roomie – a fellow cocktail enthusiast – and I discussed whether we needed any themed cocktails.  We decided that to kick-off the summer, we were going to focus on that most summery of liquors: rum (1).  Though I should mention that rum is getting new respect as…

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Wednesday Nightcap: The Kraken

So, a common current among wine aficionados is a disdain for “critter” wines – you’ve seen them, cases upon cases of little penguins, kangaroos, toads, black cats – a veritable vintner’s Noah’s Ark – with cute labels designed to make passersby go, “Awwwww…”  In general, these wines sell because of what’s on the outside of…

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