Tree Huggers

I had known the day was coming, and I had avoided it for as long as possible. “It’s time,” the Beloved would say. I’d tell her I knew and then I’d find an excuse not to think about it some more. Finally, I acquiesced. It was time to move the tree. And it was breaking…


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Among The Ancients

Last Monday, The Beloved, Penny and I crossed down from Mammoth Lakes and took a trip across the Owens Valley and then back up into the White Mountains to see the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, which is a few miles east and a mile-plus up from the town of Bishop CA. Bristlecone The trip up…

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There’s an old adage in the lab that the most profound scientific discoveries never begin with someone shouting “EUREKA!”  Usually they start with the someone saying "now that's odd…" Eureka is Greek for “I have found it!” So this weekend the “it” I’m off to find is Redwood National Park.  The Beloved had some business…

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