Some Change

Several weeks ago, the Beloved and I decided to spend a day at one of San Diego’s more famous tourist destinations — the San Diego Zoo. We like the Zoo, and are members, but never seem to get there as often as we’d like. So, we figured, why not? My general feeling is that a…


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A Spring Break

A rainy day in San Diego seems like a perfect time to think back and remember a really wonderful sunny day that the Beloved and I had a couple of Fridays ago. You see, the Beloved had “spring break” the other week which is California Republic speak for we’re furloughing you state employees for five…

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The View From the Zoo

This past week, we had some friends visit us at The Aerie for a too-brief visit but there was still a good collection of quality San Diego vacationing.  On Sunday, we all trooped over to the beach for a great day (even if it was a little over-cast and breezy). Monday, our guest family went…

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