Friday Fun — Music Visualizations

When you’re a scientist, visualizing data can be crucial to understanding and communication. Graphs are almost always better than data tables and a smartly-drawn diagram can often convey more than a long, detailed paragraph. I was thinking about this today because of a YouTube link a friend sent me that had a visualization of the…

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And, done!

Say Cheese!

One of the more intriguing gifts I received this past Christmas was a “Cheesemaking Kit”. We’ve gotten into making stuff from scratch here at The Aerie – fresh bread, fresh pizza, fresh pasta. What better to go on it than a little fresh mozzarella, right? A rare, rainy weekend here in San Diego provided plenty…

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Before Before Before

If anything ramps up in February, it’s a focus on romance with Valentine’s hearts popping up like early crocuses and a focus on high-end movies as the Academy Awards season is in full swing. With those things percolating around my brain, I’ve been thinking about one of the better films I saw last year, Before…

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Shine On

One of the books that I’ve enjoyed recently is Night Film by Marisha Pressl. In it, Scott McGrath, a down-on-his-luck reporter is drawn into a deepening spiral of intrigue as he investigates the apparent suicide of the famous film director Stanislas Cordova. You see, it was over-zealousness in a story digging into allegations about the…

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Pacific, Indeed

Seals & Sur

Our week up in Cambria wasn’t all the same routine. In our rental house, we found a couple of books by Ron Stob on the Backroads of the Central Coast. We’re folks that like to get off the beaten path and so decided to load up Adventure Dog and to spend a day finding some…

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Happy Returns

Since we’ve been at The Aerie, the real turning point that marks the end of one year and the start of the next is the week following The Beloved’’s big Symposium, which is always right after New Years. It completes her busiest time of the work-year and so we always take a little break afterwards.…

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2013 Favorites — Television

It’s a hard thing, you know, reflecting on favorite television shows in a Sherlock-less year, but I suppose there were still some pretty good offerings in 2013, tube-wise. Sort of a surprise hit to me, I thought The Americans (FX) was the strongest show of the year. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys portray Elizabeth and…

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