Hopephul Pholly?

Well well well — here it is, the last week of the baseball season, and the Philadelphia Phillies are within striking distance of the playoffs as the National League Wild Card.  Again. 

Let's review the last couple of seaons, shall we:

2003: 86-76, 5 GB the Marlins for the WC
2004: 86-76, 6 GB the Astros for the WC
2005: 88-74, 1 GB the Astros for the WC

By all accounts, the Phils have been a pretty good team for the last several seasons — just not good enough.  With six games left, the Phightins are 82-74, tied with the Dodgers for the NLWC.  How ironic considering that they ditched All-Star Bobby Abreu to the NYY at the trade-deadline, essentially signalling that they were mailing in the rest of the season.  But Ryan Howard continued pounding out mammoth homers and here they are, within a sniff of the promised land.  They are playing the bottom of their division (FLA and WSH) both on the road, while the LAD are playing the bottom of THEIR division (COL and SFG) also on the road.  Toss-up.  Somehow I sense another 86-76 finish, but will it be enough??

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