Sweets and Joy and Joyness

Today’s episode has some bad news, some good news and a bit of the power of vox in it.

The Bad News:  I was in my office discussing some interesting results with one of the chemists on one of our programs, when klutzy me knocked my empty coffee cup off my desk and broke it cleanly in two.  I was bummed because I had gotten this mug in New Mexico and was pretty sentimental for it.

The Power of Vox:  So, right about the time I added JavaJanie as a neighbor, she directed folks to a youtube of “Charlie the Unicorn” – which I thought was hysterical in a really disturbing way, and spent valuable time over the next couple of weeks sharing with a lot of friends.  We (well, I…) quote it fairly often.  I think I worry some of my colleagues.

The Good News:  Later, I was bemoaning my broken coffee cup to one of my co-workers and she scooted out of my office and quickly re-appeared with something hidden behind her back – saying that she knew my birthday was next month, but since this was a coffee-cup crisis she was prepared to act now.  And she produced:

Now, each morning I’ll get to go on an adventure…. a coffee adventure!

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18 thoughts on “Sweets and Joy and Joyness

  1. i was trying to hard to forget about the unicorn video, but you had to mention it didn't ya. btw, sorry to hear about your coffee cup, but i LOVE the new mug! LMBO

  2. The night of Cinco a couple of my buddies showed me Charlie and…well I haven't spoken to them since. :PFor days all I could hear in my head was "It a magical Liopleurodon Charlie!"And there it is again.

  3. Okay, weird. I guess I missed Janie's post about Charlie, but I actually saw this on Mother's Day weekend. Kevin and Mia showed it to me.
    I guess Charlie is waaayyy more popular than I thought he was….

  4. Shuuuuuuuuuuuuun. I had never seen this video before. Thanks for sharing, and the mug is too awesome. I'd get one, but then I'd have to explain it to everyone who walks by, and they'd end up looking at me like I'm some kind of escaped mental patient….and if I showed them that vid, they'd call for the men in white coats to take me away!!!! :-)

  5. Jen — even moreso than LOST, I think CtU is REALLY popular among a VERY small set of people –> though I'm not sure I'd be crazy if my kids liked it.
    Deepak — I think I channeled you for a brief moment, because I almost had to reach over to knock that cup off the desk. I'm still not quite sure how I managed to accomplish it.
    Ross — see? You've properly extrapolated the likely outcome of passing CtU on…. I unfortunately shared it with a lot of co-workers…..ones that I think used to have respect for me. Now they eat at other tables in the cafeteria for some reason.

  6. I've been trying to get rid of coffee mugs–most given to me before I retired.
    You can expect a box of discarded mugs on your doorstep!!

  7. Okay, the ending was perfect. I'm glad my college days are over, if you know what I mean. I'm glad you got a cool mug too. Who knew unicorns could be so grumpy?

  8. Charlieeeee. I loved it and shall proceed to share it with everyone I know so I can steal their kidneys after luring them to Candy Mountain.

  9. This totally made me laugh out loud! So great. I love that mug. Now Steve and I are going to go around quoting Charlie all day again. Not that it's a bad thing, not at all.

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