Talk about a Happy Friday!  Today’s the first solid day of rain San Diego’s seen since sometime last Spring.  There were spotty showers in October, but today should be the first long, soaking rain we’ve seen in a long time.

For me, this is always a day to get excited about.  We’ve been so dry here; we need all the rainy days we can get.  (Tamzen, we’d be happy to take some of yours!),  Of course, one day isn't going to solve our drought, but I'd be happy with a day like this every week for the next six months.

To celebrate I’m going to walk over to the cafeteria (which is in another building) to get breakfast, just so I can get wet.

Here’s a favorite tune from my “rain” playlist:

Have a great day!

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16 thoughts on “Rain!

  1. I don't envy you that rain! I hate it when it rains! I like the song though, hadn't heard it before. My favourite rain song would have to be by the Cascades — "Rhythm of the Rain." Old and cliched and all but still very nice :)

  2. LC — there's a very good chance this song is older than you are! It came out in 1979 and I don't think it gets a lot of airplay these days. But I've always liked it (and the whole album) and was sure to pick up the CD when i switched from vinyl to digital.

  3. I was just telling a friend yesterday that the endless stream of days without weather (while pleasant) is also kind of sad. After living with four seasons I do appreciate the rain.

  4. I love the rain. However, I don't love it enough to live where it rains almost every day, like Seattle.Glad you got a respite from the drought!

  5. Glad to hear about the showers! One day of rain a week would be great!! Though it probably still wouldn't be enough to make up for the drought in only 6 months. See our problem is that we get lake effect stuff here as I'm sure Philly gets too. We don't get to enjoy 1 rainy day a week. We get to enjoy 2 weeks of rain at a time!! Woo Hoooooo!!

  6. I'm glad you got your rain!
    There is truly nothing like a major Tennessee thunderstorm…it's "rain with all the expensive 'accoutrements'". Wind lashing everywhere, sky 6 different degrees of black and gray (being lit up by lightning from end-to-end)….and the smell of heavy rain in the air just before it unloads. I LOVE stormy weather!

  7. that's how i felt when we started to get rain here . . . summer was just too dry and too hot. actually . . . it was extraordinarily humid . . . just not enough for it to condense and fall. yuck yuck yuck! of course though, it rained last night . . . in the middle of load-in for the show. thank goodness our loading dock was covered!

  8. "(Tamzen, we’d be happy to take some of yours!)"
    Oh, I wish it worked that way! The valley we live in is on the verge of flooding. All of our pretty snow has been washed away by rain that has not stopped since yesterday afternoon.
    I am happy to here you are getting some relief and boy, do I wish we could send our surplus to you…because we have lots of it!! And maybe you could send some sun rays to us. A weather exchange- wouldn't that be grand? :)

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