New Digs

A while ago, I mentioned that the re-do of our yard was taking up a major portion of this calendar year.  And that we were marking progress by which holiday the yard would be completed.

The answer is: Winter Solstice.

Actually, it was almost completely done by Thanksgiving, but a back-order on a couple of plants kept everything delayed an extra week and a half.  Despite the time it took, we’re both really very pleased with it.  We have a small yard and we think the new design utilizes the space well – we got rid of a grassy patch and replaced some large bushes with smaller, drought-tolerant plants.

One of our favorite things is a redwood trellis that was constructed to replace the kitchen herb garden of the Beloved’s.  Rather than take up the very limited ground area, the idea was to make it vertical.  Our contractors plumbed it with drip irrigation so with the right adjustments, it will essentially take care of itself.

My favorite part has to be the inclusion of two citrus trees (a lemon and a lime) in huge containers.  Even though there’s not much of a commercial citrus industry here anymore, it makes me feel very southern Californian.

Not a bad place to have happy hour – even on the shortest day of the year!

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33 thoughts on “New Digs

  1. Wow, nice timing and really lovely citrus trees. I like the grassless area too – although it's subtle I think the rocks have nice opalesque colors. Happy hour with lemon and lime, I can't imagine a better combo!

  2. Thanks Ellie — we think the rocks might have a little too much gray in them, so we might sew in some tan/brown ones over time. I've got to read up on my citrus tree care over the break.

  3. Thanks bec, the book + wine theme was definitely on our mind when we started — the delays that took us past fall probably mean we'll have to wait a few months to really hang out there.

  4. It's so sad to think of you marooned on that deck, with the irritatingly monotonous warm breeze playing over your ensocked feet, and nothing but the dull open sky and boring mountains and setting sun and distant hot air balloons to meet your gaze when you look up from your probably-just-a-wee-bit-too-warmed-by-the ever-present-California-sunlight glass of wine and the book you're reading at your leisure without interruption. How a tear forms in the corner of my eye as I ponder that image, while scraping the sheath of ice from my car windshield with a highlighter marker because the ice scraper is sealed in the trunk that has frozen shut. Why, if the zero degree wind chill hadn't securely fastened that tear to my lashes, I might have

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