Blogshorts, Day 1: Dog Days of Summers

Today kicks off Blogdramedy’s Summer Writing Challenge: Blogshorts. The theme this year is the Dog Days of Summer. 10 days, 10 dogs (nine of which were famous dog-characters chosen by Blogdramedy as inspiration), each story 110 words. I was a little worried when she mentioned this since I’ve been posting less frequently, but I thought maybe this exercise would force a little discipline on my part.

So excited

So excited

Penny, of course, is very excited for the whole affair. First up, Day 1: Cujo

Dog Days of Summers


Its approach shielded by rain, it entered the house. And smelled the New One. Like them, but not like them. A curious need welling from within. It wanted to see the New One. Inhale it.

Taste it.

And it was alone.

It closed, water dripping from matted fur. Its massive head lolled as it hovered over the small creature.

Suddenly, he was swatted with a magazine and the Woman hissed, “Cujo! Don’t you DARE wake the baby! Ugh — you’re a mess!”

Gulliver012Then she sighed something about “new tricks” and lifted the creature.

“Would you like to meet Carolyn?”

The New One squirmed and Cujo edged forward, sniffing.

He licked.


23 thoughts on “Blogshorts, Day 1: Dog Days of Summers

  1. Yay!! Happy ending! Cujo lives! Cujo lives!
    The real winner in this? Penny. Her picture is priceless.
    *sigh* Dare I admit I have tears in my eyes? My stupid love for dogs…

  2. …And yet you still managed to make the story quite creepy. Especially after you revealed the name of the dog. I was worried about the baby for a second. Well, actually, I’m still worried. The end suggests there is more to come.

    Well done, sir.

  3. You know, this used to be my greatest fear when my daughter was a baby- (in fact I still deny her her long time wish for a puppy for this very reason – I think I was way too traumatized as a kid when my grandmom was bitten by a stray and had to get dozens of injections. Penny is somehow weakening my resolve.

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