Wet and Mild Playoff Win For Eagles

Okay — so I don't feel like I'm going to throw-up anymore.

First off — good job.  Not a great job, but a solid effort, especially after the 1st quarter.  So, some thoughts…

  • Thank God, no black jerseys.
  • How good was that drive by the NYG to open the game?  They never really repeated it, but it was textbook.  A theme that was evident from that drive that continued to play-out throughout the game was that the Giants did a great job of picking up the blitz.
  • Three straight 3-and-outs to open the game — oof.  Garcia looked nervous — and they dodged a couple of "shoulda been" INTs on some poorly thrown passes.  The defense earned their paychecks by stiffening up when the NYG had great field position in the 1st quarter.  They were lucky to only be down 7-0.

  • Westbrook's run in the 2nd quarter was a fantastic use of changing gears — bursting around the end and then throttling back to let his blocking catch up.

  • The Birdz were damn lucky to not get a costly personal foul on Runyan during the next drive — Runyan stupidly went after two Giants players, but someone on the GMen pushed back (perhaps even more stupidly) off-setting the penalties and letting a crucial 3rd down conversion stand.  Soon after Garcia probably made his best pass of the night hitting Donte Stallworth for a nice TD.
  • Is there a Clock Management 101 course that I can send Big Red to??  Though the Giants did a horrid job of handling the clock in the 2nd half.
  • The Eagles missed a big opportunity to grab a hold of the game in the 3rd quarter — frittering away the momentum at the end of the first half.  Most of the 3rd quarter was pretty quiet, and both teams seemed like they were playing without much intensity.  Maybe it was the rain…
  • A bad pass interference (bad meaning obvious — not like bad call) on Brown set up the Giants to get back into the game (though held to a FG) and I thought they did a good job on the next drive (converting a 1st down on a drive that at one point was 2-and-30!! I think I briefly went insane for a moment there…) — and Eli seemed to get out of his mostly-game-long funk to hit Burress for his 2nd TD to tie it.

  • The Eagles offense heard the wake-up call and moved the ball effectively in the final drive, setting up a heart-stopping FG by Akers to win the game with no time remaining.  Wow.

Game ball to Westbrook and one to Reggie Brown who made some very clutch third-down receptions.  Game ball also to Tiki Barber who had a very good game — one big run, a couple of good ones, and always seeming to squeak out a couple of extra yards when you thought you had him down.  Tom Coughlin's going to miss him next year — oh, that's right — he should be gone by Wednesday, I would think.

"Goat" may be too strong of a word for Eli Manning, but he went away in the big chunk of time between the first drive (where he looked great) and the last two Giant drives.  I don't know what you do with him — is he an acceptable NFL quarterback?  Yes.  Is a good leader?? No.  Is he getting better?? I don't think so.

And so onto a re-match with New Orleans… the Saints have a more balanced offense — so the defense will have to get better pressure on Brees and Garcia can't afford the amount of time he looked out-of-sync.

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7 thoughts on “Wet and Mild Playoff Win For Eagles

  1. today is a sad day for both the NY franchises.first, my Jets fall terribly to the Pats. (i watched 5 minutes of the 4th quarter – i had been out all day – and had to turn it off.) then my other hometown heroes fall to the ::sigh:: Eagles. not that the giants really did anything spectacular to be there . . . but still. the eagles? i was hopeful after the first quarter, watching the stats updates on nfl.com. but the outlook just became more and more bleak as the night went on.i will be interested to see who makes it to the superbowl though . . . i'm secretly hoping the seahawks again. i still feel like they should have won last year. i'm a fan of the underdog.(and if you're a yanks or sox fan, let me know before baseball starts. i'm an AVID underdog supporter and will root against the big bads all the time.)

  2. I hadn't realized that both NY teams lost this afternoon. I can only imagine what the NY Post will have to say about that. The Jets game showed just how fast things can go south in the NFL. One minute, they were one score down, the next it seemed like they were 21 points down. Oof.
    Yes, the Seahawks totally got jobbed in the Superbowl last year. You might have the best game of the whole schmear this coming weekend with NE vs SD.
    No – no — not a Sox fan (sort of neutral) and it always warms my heart when the Yankees spend so much and get bounced early in the playoffs… maybe one year, they'll spend all that money and not even make the playoffs — one can hope. I loved Detroit's and Minnesota's runs this year.

  3. Congrats on the win Betz, yeah you took it this week. I am glad to see that balancing the run and pass is working out better for Philly. I feel uneasy about next weeks game, New Orleans seems like the obvious pick but who knows.

  4. Well summarized Steve!I still have a hard time believing the Saints are for real. Not sure why, must be past history with Aaron Brooks back there. Even though they beat the Eagles, I still don't give them much credit. I think this is our year baby! One of the things I really like about living in the area now is how the local news covers and over covers the Eagles! whoo hooo!

  5. WOW, Rick!! You don't think the saints are for real?? I said that in week 3, but I thought people were giving them a little respect now. But I guess we'll see, I don't expect an Eagles win, but it wouldn't shock me.Also did any one else expect them to kick the field goal on 3rd down yesterday?? After the Dallas debacle I would have been a little nervous.

  6. I think the Saints are "as real" as this second half Eagles team has been for real. At times, NO has look scary good, and at others they've looked vulnerable. One of the great things will be to see how the Saints react to the playoff pressure — the Eagles looked surprisingly bad early (surprising b/c they actually have a lot of playoff experience on that squad/staff) – and were fortunate enough to not get in a big hole because of it.

  7. Skinselton, I think it has more to do with what the Saints have been for the past 10 or so years. A team teetering with greatness that constantly underachieved. I think the stigma still hangs in my mind. However, if they beat my Eagles 2x in one year, maybe I can give them some more credit. Unfortunately if they lose the game, mantra sticks…

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