Poll question: whippersnappers? — Updated

Because she loves me, the Beloved got us concert tickets to tonight's Death Cab For Cutie concert being held at SDSU.  So, my question is: that at the ripe, young age of 42:


So, the answer is: No — not by a long-shot!  There seemed to be a reasonable number of men in their 50s, and they weren't lost or with the security team…

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18 thoughts on “Poll question: whippersnappers? — Updated

  1. Ok I said no to give you the benefit of the doubt because to tell you how out of touch I am – I have never heard of that group and have no idea what kind of music it even is. Yup – that's me —-> LAME!

  2. sorry… i had to say yes… hehe… only because a few months back steve and i went to go see The Faint and i was the oldest person there. until i realized i had steve with me and HE was the oldest person there. hehe…

  3. Hannah — I updated, but the answer is: no way. Many fellas there older than me (even if the majority of them seemed to be escorting their teenage daughters…) and there was one woman there who had to be in her 70s!

  4. Zak (and Jamie, and Kelly and Jacolily) — DCFC is an indie-rock/pop band that formed in Seattle in the late 1990s and has reached critical and more recently commercial success (in the last 4-5 years). I like them b/c they often have catchy tunes interlaced with smart, wry (even snarky) lyrics.
    If you're curioius you can hear them here here and even here.

  5. e*c — I would start with "Plans" and then either "Transatlanticism" or the newest one "Narrow Stairs"… or you can email me and I'll send you an especially curated CD or two of favorites… :)

  6. Hey Tam — they were great! Put on a really good show — went back to a lot of their old stuff (which seem to confuse some of the newer fans, perhaps). Really fun and a great smallish (~3000 people) venue.

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