In Lieu of a Holiday Party

Ahh, the company Holiday Party.  A chance to dress up and have a free shindig on the brass.  Usually a pretty good time with prime activities being: eating, drinking, watching to see who drinks too much and embarrasses themselves, and watching to see who dresses like a skank and embarrasses themselves.  Good times.
Well, for several reasons, the company that I work for decided to forego its Holiday Party this year, and so the Beloved and I were a little bummed that we didn’t have a “dress up” affair to go to this year, so we decided to kick off our Christmastime and create one for ourselves that included art, food and music – with an excursion to the best place to see and be seen – L.A.
Art: Since we were too early to check into our hotel, for our first stop, we went to the LACMA (LA County Museum of Art).  They have a brand new contemporary art wing, which in the words of a cantankerous old man that was nearby “broke the record for fewest pieces per acre”.  Yeah, it was a little sparse, though some of the stuff was good.   They also had an exhibit on the portraiture photography from Vanity Fair (dating back to 1913) — that was cool.

Food:  After getting spiffed up, we went out to a great dinner at a restaurant called "Grace" — where we had the chef's "game tasting" dinner (don’t read: Mrs. Soytastic).  4 courses (venison tartare, roasted squab, duck breast, antelope loin) that were all really good (and appropriately sized so that you didn't feel like SO MUCH of a pig) — there was also a dessert in there (that was not game) — freshly made butterscotch donuts.  Holy crap, those were good.

Music: After dinner, we made our way over to the Troubadour to see Over The Rhine.  They were incredibly fun to see in a small venue.  We were maybe 20 feet away.  Awesome.  Karen’s voice was spectacular — they were really great.  Though I have to say, it’s been a while since I’ve stood for three hours straight for a concert – my lower back could tell.  Hey, get off my grass while you’re at it.

Sunday we slept in had breakfast and drove back – breaking out our Christmas Music playlist on the way back down to San Diego.

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13 thoughts on “In Lieu of a Holiday Party

  1. It was very nice and sunny when we got there — and turned cooler (50s) in the evening. We looked and looked for folks, but we came to the conclusion that everyone around us at dinner was a lawyer… ;)

  2. An outing of art, food, and music trumps a company party any day. Sounds like a great time.I recently checked out a copy of Vanity Fair: The Portraits. Wonderful stuff.

  3. LOL @ that! Now that's what holiday parties are really good for, as we all know!
    Sounds like a fantastic outing. I must make my way to LA sometime soon! Love that old man's comment :D
    Did I tell you my sister was recently in San Diego? She absolutely loves the place.. says it's gorgeous.

  4. I'm glad you liked the concert. Now that I've heard (i.e. become a fan of) Over the Rhine I have to say I'm rather jealous. I bet they're great in real life.

  5. Sounds like a fun time. Jim's company party is tonight and honestly I'd much rather jet out to LA than go but hopefully it will be fun. At least it's a night out for us (kid free! woo hoo!)

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