The last time we'd seen Jake Delhomme, he was almost single-handedly handing the Arizona Cardinals a berth in the NFC Championship Game.  During that Divisional Round game, he threw five interceptions and fumbled once in a 33-13 loss.

Well, things were nearly as bad for him in his next game — this year's season opener against the Eagles, in which he tossed 4 INTs and lost a fumble (the Panthers had 7 TOs overall) in a 38-10 rout that could not have sent the Carolina faithful home very happy.

Of course, it can't be all smiles and sunshine for Team Drama either.  On a day when their defense dominated, their special teams scored and their offense looked sharp, in what seems to be an all-too-regular Rite of Fall, Donovan McNabb went down with a cracked rib.

Apparently, this is not the season-ending variety, but probably the 2-4 week type.  You can imagine if #5 doesn't come back sharp (the Birdz have a bye in week 4) the calls for Michael Vick may get pretty loud.  Fortunately for Donovan, neither Vick nor Kevin Kolb have looked all that sharp — which bodes well for his retaining the #1 spot, though not-so-good for the Eagles next match up against the high-scoring Saints.

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5 thoughts on “McRib

  1. Sigh. What really bugs me, besides the seeming inevitableness of Donovan getting hurt again, is the fact that it was so clearly a late hit on a QB in the end zone(!) after he was down(!!), and NO ONE SAID A DAMN THING. I had a flash back to when a late hit on McNabb in to that 2004 playoff game BY CAROLINA took McNabb out of the game and pretty much ended our playoff run in a moment. Not that I'm still bitter.

  2. I still remember when that GB guy PICKED UP Jim McMahon and threw him to the ground — ending his season and comeback attempt. I see that the NFL doesn't seem to be investigating it. Clearly it's all part of the military-industrial-Vick complex.

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