Midweek Heat Buster: The Anejo Smash

It’s been a pretty hot and dry summer across most of the United States. And if you’re anything like me, a good cold drink can help you get past the heat around Happy Hour.

Here’s one that I had in the recipe book, but hadn’t made for a while. I liked it so much, I’m having one again tonight:

The Anejo Smash

In a pint glass or shaker muddle 3 lemon wedges, 8 mint leaves and 0.75 oz agave syrup.

To that add:

  • 1.5 oz tequila (and use a good one)
  • 0.75 oz Grand Marnier

Mix and strain into a glass heaping with crushed ice. Garnish with a mint sprig.

Anejo Smash

This is a great drink – in some ways it’s like a “tequila mint julep”, though the lemon adds a bright freshness and agave syrup blends well, making this a very easy-sipping cold drink on a hot afternoon.



23 thoughts on “Midweek Heat Buster: The Anejo Smash

  1. I tend to be more of a beer fan than a mixed drink fan. Having said that, your recipes, pictures, and mixed-drink concoctions leave me thirsty. I hope to visit the Aerie one day and sample one of your creations. In the meantime, I raise a Guinness to your creation!

  2. The day it gets as hot here as it does there, I will stir up a batch of Anejo Smash…but that would mean that hell froze over and would completely defeat the purpose of this liquid ambrosia. :)

    • I’d made a really cold drink with crushed ice in one of our thick tumblers and it cracked it because it was so cold. Now I know why Julep Cups are metal!

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