A Local Excursion

It’s been a busy weekend at The Aerie. With some trepidation, we went Saturday to provision ourselves for Thanksgiving and to our great surprise the stores we hit (Costco, Vons, and our local Asian market) weren’t terribly crazy. That meant that we were able to get more done than we thought we would, which subsequently gave us a little bit of a breather today. So, we decided to take an excursion with Penny and Buzz.

Coronado Dog Beach

First stop: Coronado Dog Beach. We live the mantra that “a tired dog is a good dog” and there’s not many better places to go get your dog good and tired than dog beach. Penny likes to run and retrieve the bumper, and we’re okay with the view. Penny also made a new friend, Penelope the Rottweiler. They ran and played together and Penny made sure Penelope knew how fierce she was.

Sort of a retriever


Dog beach fun


Penny and Penelope

On our way out, we cruised past the historic Hotel Del Coronado and enjoyed the views of America’s Finest City from the Coronado Bay Bridge.

Hotel del Coronado


America’s Finest City

Our next stop was the San Diego Public Market, which is a new enterprise that has the goal of establishing a permanent fresh food market (think Seattle’s) in a low-income area of downtown that hasn’t seen much development in recent years. It was initially funded through Kickstarter. Everyone we met there was very excited about being off the ground and there was some great produce and food available.



Happy squash

On our way home we also drove through town to see how construction was going on San Diego’s new Public Library. Looking good!

Library dome going into place

All in all, it was a great start to our day and made the rest of our chores for Sunday not seem like quite such a bother.

Good Dog

Certainly, not to a tired dog.


15 thoughts on “A Local Excursion

  1. Oh, I love the Seattle style market. I’m jealous, you guys have it so good in California! Great photo of the squash, how cheerful!

    Is that a lifeguard station? Fancy and neat color.

    • Amelie — we have a number of rotating neighborhood farmers’ markets around town, but this would be the first one that had permanent space, which I think is great, especially considering what part of town it’s in. Everyone there is very excited for it — it just opened up last month.

      And yes, that is a life guard station — though it isn’t operated off-season.

  2. I’ve been wanting to head down and check out the market. My friend Jenny has a stall there, selling cupcakes and other yummy things. Next time you go, make sure you get a treat from Jennywennycakes!

    • Cloud — it was nice, but a lot smaller than any of the big farmers’ markets around town (HIllcrest or Poway), but it’s great to see them start.

      WE GOT TREATS FROM JENNYWENNYCAKES!! I remembered the founder was a friend of yours, but I didn’t know if the woman in the booth was her or not, so I didn’t say, “Hey, do you know Cloud?”

  3. Steve, you’ll have to post more shopping suggestions in your blog. My younger daughter is moving to San Diego at the end of this month. She’s subletting an apartment near Sony Entertainment, where she has a seven-month gig developing a video game for the PS3. I’m sad she’s leaving San Francisco but excited that she finally has a job in animation. And I’ve told her about how much you love San Diego. She says she’s just looking forward to living in a place that’s a lot warmer than the northside of San Francisco. Many big changes for her; I just hope they’re all pleasant ones.

    • HG — excellent news!! Well, excellent news if it brings you down here on occasion. :)

      We’d have lots of suggestions for your daughter. And if the Sony is where google maps says it is, she’s within just a few minutes of my lab and The Aerie. :D

  4. I met a dog yesterday who was not at all the same breed, but personality-wise, he reminded me of Penny. Especially around the tail. I wanted to put a high-tech collar on and see if he’d say “Squirrel!”

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