Labor Day Beach Walk

So, one of The Beloved’s good friends from New Mexico visited us over the Labor Day weekend.  It can get pretty hot in New Mexico in the summer, and so we assured her that “its always like 75 here in the summer”.  Yeah, well, not this week.

Currently mired in the summer’s worst heat wave (80+ at the beach, 90+ inland, 100+ everywhere else), we decided to make the most of it and head to Del Mar for breakfast and then for a nice walk along the beach near Torrey Pines State Beach.

As you might imagine, it was pretty packed right near the parking lot and entrance to the beach.  But the great thing about the stretch from Torrey Pines to Del Mar is that the beach is bounded on the east by high sandstone cliffs, which makes access to the beach pretty difficult.

The upside is that as you walk away from the parking area – even on a busy weekend like Labor Day, you can still have the place pretty much to yourself.

Its a great place to walk, run (its my favorite place to run after work if the tides are right – I work about 5 minutes away), and surf.

We haven’t gotten to the beach as much as I thought we would this summer.  The great thing is that the tourist crowds will really diminish starting this week, so I think we’ll be doing it more often.

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10 thoughts on “Labor Day Beach Walk

  1. Beach walks and run are indeed the ultimate, aren't they? I ran at La Jolla Shores yesterday morning (early before it got too hot) and it was just fabulous. I wish I worked 5 minutes from Torrey Pines! Takes me about 30 minutes without traffic… but hey, at least I can go there.

  2. Ugh, that weather sounds horrible!! I think you were brave to leave the house at all. I love your last picture with the dog. He looks like he really is contemplating. :)

  3. Yes, toasty weekend indeed. We are without AC (something about being only 6 miles from the water) and we renamed our home Hades. Good plan heading to the beach. Looks like you had a pretty walk.

  4. hahaha! i think we got your weather this weekend–it was only in the mid 80s, and the humidity was way less than normal. Thanks, Steve! you can have it back now, so we can get started on fall here on the EC!

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