There’s an old adage in the lab that the most profound scientific discoveries never begin with someone shouting “EUREKA!”  Usually they start with the someone saying "now that's odd…"

Eureka is Greek for “I have found it!”

So this weekend the “it” I’m off to find is Redwood National Park.  The Beloved had some business near Eureka (actually in Arcata) at Humboldt State University and so I’m heading up today to join her for a quick little getaway weekend of NorCal coast and forest.

Have a great weekend!

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22 thoughts on “Eureka!

  1. We were in both Eureka and Arcata last summer on our coastal drive. Have you seen the redwoods before? They're indescribable. Also check out the Victorian architecture (Carlson House et al) in Eureka. There are some shops down by the water (at least it's by water if I'm remembering properly) that are neat too. I'm excited for you! Have a good time!

  2. My in laws live in Arcata! It's so beautiful up there. I don't know if you will get this message before you come home – but if you do – try to eat at the Samoa Cook House in Arcata – it's out on the peninsula, any local can tell you how to get there I'm sure. It's AMAZING food.

  3. Mello — our hotel was just a couple of blocks from the Carson house — it was the first thing we walked over to see after we checked in…. and we walked all over the little downtown/waterfront while picking a place for dinner… :) Great minds! :D

  4. e-dot-e — you know, we actually weren't in Arcata itslef that much — but we both said we want to go back because we liked it so much — so now we have a jump on where to go! :)

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