As a scientist, I’ve done lots of experiments. Some of them go on for a long time. But today, it’s time to think back on an experiment that I started six years ago: this blog.

This many

I started during a time when a lot of people were getting on the blogging bandwagon. I joined the now-defunct VOX and in many ways VOX was like a proto social network. You posted, people commented, some of them you got to know and become friends with. WordPress has been a more solid platform by far, but I still miss those wacky days of early discovery sometimes. I got a little nostalgic, so I went back and looked at that first year’s posts to see what topics I focused on (in no particular order):

  • Science
  • Philadelphia Eagles football
  • Books & Movies
  • Travel
  • Piano
  • Memes

How does that compare to what’s going on here on Stevil these days? I think the new set looks like this (in no particular order, again):

  • Penny
  • Drabbles
  • Science
  • Cocktails
  • Books & Movies
  • Travel

I’ve pretty much given up posting on Eagles football. I’m not sure why. Maybe there are only so many times you can talk about Andy Reid’s awful clock management before going crazy. I don’t do too many memes anymore because I figure anyone reading here sort of knows me already – though there was a huge readership changeover during the VOX to WordPress transition, so maybe I should do some of those again? Maybe, if I could find some good ones. I still play the piano, but I’m not sure what to write about it and no, I’m not going to post any videos of me playing – and maybe all my creativity and artistry is going into cocktails. It’s good to see that Books &Movies, Travel and Science have remained a constant thread throughout the years.

One thing I noticed is that I had many fewer posts this year. My output for much of the life of this blog has been around 180 posts per year. This year, that number went down to 126. This sort of bothered me, and I’ve thought a lot about it. Was I finally losing interest? I don’t think so. I thought of two things that have probably impacted my post numbers. Certainly, work has been busier and busier, so that’s probably cut into my unscheduled writing time somewhat. Also, I know I’ve probably been more active on Twitter than ever before and that a lot of the content that in the past would have been a short post here has now gone there. I don’t think that’s a bad change, though I’m not completely sure.

This stuff is important, right?

I still get an awful lot of joy from sharing my thoughts and exploits here and I’m thrilled when a post sparks a great discussion or strikes a chord with someone, regardless of whether it’s for fun or something more serious. I hope you’ll all keep coming back, because I love that you’ll spend a few minutes with me (and The Beloved and Penny) from time to time.

See you next year!


22 thoughts on “1082

  1. I’ve read so many blogiversary posts lately, and so many of them are like, “I can’t believe it’s been an ENTIRE year since I started this blog!” Kudos to you for being a great, relevant, friendly, nerdy, drink-mixing blogger for so long!

    • Thanks Cori! It’s interesting to scroll back through some of those posts from the early days. One thing I can say is that I think my writing style has improved!!

    • WP is so much more solid than Vox was infrastructure-wise, but it’s so huge that it’s much harder to forge a community. I’ve found some good, new folks since the transition, but it takes active cultivation.

  2. Said in my best Frosty the Snowman voice… “Happy Birthday!”
    “Was I finally losing interest?” I’ve asked myself the same question, using “Am” in place of “Was”, that is. It’s an uncomfortable question for me, because I don’t want to stop writing. Or do I?
    I’ll be happy when Project 366 is completed, and I can put the focus back to writing.
    Congrats on 6yrs, Steve. You make the blogosphere a better place. Please continue…

    • LD — you know I totally had a little-kid crush on Karen from “Frosty”, so thank you! And thank you! You’ve had a lot more stick-to-it-tiveness than I did for Project366 (mine crapped out when we went to France, which I suppose is as good as an excuse as I’m likely to come up with.)

      Sometimes I wonder “why” and then I make new friends that you just seem to *click* with and I think, oh yeah, that’s why.

  3. I’ll keep reading! I don’t comment as much as I used to on any blogs, because my work has a new policy against it and I’m a little rule follower. Also, the firewall blocks some comments posting. I used to do a lot of my commenting over my lunch.

    But I just got a smartphone (I know… I’m not exactly an early adopter) so maybe I’ll start using that to post comments at lunch. Who knows.

    • Cloud — thanks for continuing to come by! Darn workplaces that try to get you to focus on work rather than your part of the blogosphere during your coffee break. Thank God I make the rules around here!

      I slowly gave into the smartphone trend and now I can’t imagine NOT having one, which is probably not a great thing.

  4. Happy anniversary, steve! Or is it birthday? Do inanimate things like blogs have birthdays?

    I also miss Vox, but I can still remember when posts would disappear into the void after working on them for a half hour and sticking all these pretty photos between the text. (It was because of my Vox blog I bought a digital camera, and I had a blast posting snapshots from my daily life there.) WordPress is more stable, and I haven’t had many issues with using the template, but I’ve noticed the number of former Vox neighbors who didn’t make the transition over here or who simply stopped blogging altogether.

    I’m glad you’re still blogging, and wish you many more posts to come.

    • The creative process is sort of like giving birth, right??

      I think the whole Vox to WP transition made a lot of people make an active decision as to whether to keep blogging, or not. And with the advent of facebook and twitter, I think a lot of folks went fallow. But, I’m pretty sure that we found each other during the conversion scramble, so I’m glad for that! :)

  5. What an Old Timer! Amazing that you’ve held your own interest for so long.
    And about the drop in posts… since I don’t Tweet, I’d personally love to see your “shorts” here. Um… that didn’t quite come out right…

    • SS — I know, my blog is old enough to go to First Grade. Crazy. I think I will try to be a little more proactive about posting stuff here. It’s a better forum for discussion than any of the others.

  6. Aw, Happy 6th Birthday to your blog! I think you’re one of the early original readers of mine, Steve. It’s been great fun. One thing I realized is you can visit dozens of blogs and yet only one or two out of hundreds of people will be loyal and cool enough to continue reading and interacting.

    I like your topics, you have a nice blend. I sort of miss your science posts, it seems like you don’t do as many. Chemistry and medicine are a fascination of mine so it’s great to see those in a blog format that’s smart yet readable.

    Of course I like the book and movie reviews too.

    • Thanks Amelie!! It’s been so rewarding — especially when you get to know someone over time. I think blog followers are really like people in life — in each phase of your life you’ll meet a lot of people, many you’ll like, but over time only a few will stick. And that’s okay — I think it’s the way it should be.

      I know what you mean about the science posts. I think they’ve felt my time crunch more than others, because they take a little more time and effort (to get things right) than a book or movie review. Here’s to more science!

  7. wow, six years. I can’t believe vox didn’t last six years. I still miss it sometimes. I think it was set up to make users feel part of a community. Here is to six more.

  8. Taking a cue from Lenore…Happy Birthday! *In Marilyn Monroe’s sexy sing-song dulcet tones*

    Your blog is four years older than my blog…except when you write about Penny. Then it’s 11 years older. You should get two cakes. :)

    • As the “Mr. President” of this blog, I graciously appreciate the serenade… :)

      Penny says that if there are going to be two cakes, one of them better be from the dog-cake bakery!

  9. LOL @ your blog being able to go to first grade now :) Bon anniversaire!

    I have been blogging on various sites since 2001 and I honestly feel Vox was the best blogging platform I ever came across. It was a big loss when it shut down but at least it brought us all together and I am so grateful to have had you as a “neighbour,” both then and now :) I’ve always loved your travel posts as they invariably make me feel like I was actually there at those places!

    Here’s to a great new year.

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