Blogshorts, Day 9: Dog Days of Summers

Today is the penultimate day of Blogdramedy’s Summer Writing Challenge: Blogshorts. The theme this year is the Dog Days of Summer. 10 days, 10 dogs (nine of which were famous dog-characters chosen by Blogdramedy as inspiration), each story 110 words.

Today’s dog is is Odie, the happy dog from the Garfield comics. I think I know someone that reminds me of Odie.

Dog Days of Summers


The gangly puppy ranges in sweeping arcs at the end of the leash.

Carolyn likes walking in the morning. Though, really, it’s the only time she can. Way too hot during summers now, especially now that she’s a little older.

IMG_0522A little? Who was she kidding?

She likes the morning’s quiet, too, though in it she aches for Tom. His voice. His easy laugh. Mostly these days it’s a comforting ache. Mostly.

She calls Odie over and is pleased when he alertly comes. She gives him a treat.

She sighs, cracking her back. “Y’know, pup? You might be it. You might be my last one.”

Odie doesn’t seem to mind.



12 thoughts on “Blogshorts, Day 9: Dog Days of Summers

  1. Beautiful story, Steve. I read the first page of Diana Athill’s memoir ‘Somewhere towards the end’ and in it she talks about how she loves dogs but is too old now to get a new pup. Your story made me remember that.

    • Thanks, Vishy — the story came out of some discussions about what sort of pup might be our “next” dog and whether there’d be any after that. It’s a sobering thing to consider.

  2. Sweet. My mom is 59 and she got a new puppy, to total two dogs now. Both dogs are her “fur babies” and bring her great companionship. I’ve never seen my mother so enamored and dedicated to an animal before.

  3. I ain’t a dog person (my grandmother was bit by one when I was a kid and that put me off canines completely) but your dog-related stories so touch a chord.

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