Pillow Talk

Penny just wanted me to let everyone know that a long afternoon and evening of the doorbell ringing with trick-or-treaters was very tiring…

Ruff day

Adding insult to injury, there’s no chocolate for the dog, though she did say that as a bird-dog she’s looking to participate in “prepping” the Thanksgiving turkey.

Pooped Pup

You know, after she gets off the couch.


11 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. Poor Penny. My brother’s dog Sandy is also exhausted from greeting the trick-or-treaters. She’s not a barker, but the doorbell makes her nervous and she always had to run after me and check out the kids to make sure none of them was the mail carrier or the UPS delivery driver. Those guys she hates!

    • Fortunately, Penny’s not a barker either — she would just hear the bell, run to the door and then when I got there run behind me and then inch forward to check out who was at the door. Exhausting!

  2. My kids wore some other dogs ragged. They even got to pet a few. I had the thought that next year we should carry dog treats as a reverse trick or treating for houses with dogs.

  3. Ah yes, we riled up our share of dogs in our neighborhood. It was interesting to see my daughter struggle between her fear of a loud, barking dog and her desire for candy. Most people did a good job of keeping the dogs away from the door, so the candy won out….

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