Home Work

I’m spending a couple of days working from home writing a grant.  It’s sort of nice – no commute, schlubby clothes, the whole pot of coffee to myself.

Of course, another bonus is that I get to hang out with Penny.  It’s a different change for her than when I bring her to work with me, because here it’s a bit harder to know that work-time is work-time and not really play-time.  I can foresee the following series being replayed quite often over the next few days…

Play With Me!!!


Okay, fine...

That’s okay, we’ll take a walk in the chaparral at lunchtime, I promise.


5 thoughts on “Home Work

  1. It’s nice to have Penny around to remind you not to work too hard: but this reminds me of when I used to do freelance technical writing at home. I eventually gave it up, not the least because I could never get anything done when I had kids and pets jumping around me. “Mom, I’m hungry!” “Mom, I’m bored!” “Mom, I need a ride to Tiffany’s house!” And I couldn’t tell them to go lie down, either.

  2. Since Teulu has come home, and I have been home on Medical Leave, he plays that scene out Soooo many times. It’s funny too when he makes little “agonized dog noises” I have had to learn the difference between the true ones and the fakster ones!
    He has been getting huge long walks, and gotten to meet so many neighbours though, so he doesn’t have it bad…despite the agonized noises!

    • M — hah! Penny DEFINITELY lets us know when her life is so agonizingly boring that she just HAS to be played with. It’s sort of a cross between and whine and a sigh… ;)

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